HBS - Drawn arc stud welding with ceramic ferrule or
shielding gas

The process drawn arc stud welding is mostly used for stud diameters of 3 to 25 mm and a welding time of 100 to 1,500 msec.

HBS Efficient Technology

Drawn arc stud welding with ceramic ferrule or shielding gas

Stud welding units

Visar 650 ARC 800 IT 1002 IT 2002 IT 90

Stud welding guns

CA 08 A 12 A 16 A 22


Download: Brochure - ARC/SC Drawn arc stud weldingDownload: Brochure - ARC/SC Drawn arc stud welding

A 16

A 16
Welding range Dia. #4 to 5/8" (dia. 3 to 16 mm)
Stud length 0.39" to 9.45" (10 to 240 mm) depending on tripod
Stud material Mild steel, stainless steel
Stud type Any type or shape (special chucks if required)
Length compensation 0.24" (6 mm) automatic
Stroke Adjustment range 0.16" (4 mm), (0.01" (0.25 mm) steps, arresting)
Damping Adjustable oildamper
Welding cable 15.91', 1/0 (4.85 m, 50 mm²)
IP-Code IP 20
Workplace noise level Up to 90 dB (A) may occur during welding
Dimension LxWxH 10.24" x 2.91" x 8.66" (260 x 74 x 220 mm) without cable, with foot piece
Weight 4.41 lbs (2 kg) without cable
Order No. 93-21-280


  • Especially suitable for thicker metal sheets from approx. 2 mm
  • Automatic compensation of length tolerance of welding elements through integrated length adjustment
  • Rigid casing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Slide bearing for guiding the welding piston
  • Sealed welding piston guidance
  • Lift adjustment
  • Stud length freely adjustable
  • Lock-in lift adjustment
  • High level of security to prevent the selected settings being changed inadvertently
  • Guidance system protected against spatters
  • Welding on painted sheets possible (clean, smooth and flat surfaces and grounding required)
  • Ideal for high clock sequences with big diameters
  • Automatic length compensation
  • Damped plunging in the weld pool with installed oil damper