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HBS combines innovation with proven and reliable products to meet a wide range of application needs for industry, be it for small portable equipment to fully automated needs on medium sized production lines (pad and stud welding).

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Press News

03/03/2016 HBS wins „Best of Industry“ 2016 award

„Pegasar 500 accu“ and „Visar 650“ once again been recognised for their innovative design.  HBS demonstrated through the innovative products „Visar 650“ and „Pegasar 500 accu“ not only its technical know-how but also its...[more]

07/30/2015 Red Dot Award 2015 - Winner

Successful HBS debut at Red Dot Award 2015: Two HBS products from the Quasar series win award for high degree of innovation Two products from the new Quasar series impressed the 38 strong Red Dot Award jury in the 2015...[more]

12/01/2014 Breakthrough into a new dimension!

With the worldwide product innovations "Visar 650" and "Pegasar 500 accu" from the new Quasar device series, HBS sets new standards in the area of stud welding. Huge success. At EUROBLECH 2014, HBS for...[more]

10/11/2012 CDi 1502 Automatic

Fast & precise HBS innovation:CDi 1502 AutomaticThis top, entry-level device for automatic stud welding with capacitor discharge is the absolute innovation within the new CDi series. Particularly in combination with the PAH-1...[more]

10/11/2012 The new CDi series

Efficient trio thanks to inverter-capacitor charging technology:The new CDi series with CDi 1502, CDi 2302 and CDi 3102 for stud welding with capacitor discharge. Customer-oriented, innovative developments always come first...[more]