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HBS Efficient Technology


Pad welding with magnetic rotating ARC

MARC Process

Functional welding sequence:

  • The pad is placed onto the base material - the current circuit is closed
  • Preflow of shielding gas
  • Coil current is switched on and magnetic field is generated
  • Power unit is switched on and arc voltage is provided
  • Lift of pad
  • Ignition of pilot arc and then ignition of welding arc between pad and plate
  • Burning of rotating arc along the ring-shaped welding area
  • At the end of welding time, the pad is lowered and plunged into the liquid weld pool
  • Electrical short-circuit and cut-off of welding current
  • Formation and solidification of weld seam with post-flow time of shielding gas

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Nut welding (steel) - MARC 1

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