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HBS combines innovation with proven and reliable products to meet a wide range of application needs for industry, be it for small portable equipment to fully automated needs on medium sized production lines (pad and stud welding).

HBS Efficient Technology

Corporate movie - Automatic stud welding machine

CPW 0604

CNC stud welding machine
1 welding head
1 motor driven z-axis

Working range: 600 x 400 x 120 mm
Traverse speed: 25 m/min (X-Y), 20 m/min (Z)
Welding capacity: Up to 30 studs/min

MPW 2010

CNC stud welding machine
3 welding heads
3 motor driven z-axes
Servo drive

Working range: 1,250 x 2,250 mm
Traverse speed: 60 m/min
Welding capacity: Up to 40 studs/min


Fully automated stud feeder



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